Saturday, August 10, 2019

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, 2013, 25 min.,/ Thomas (Mathias HartmannNiclasen) a 14-year-old boy who chafes at waiting until his 15th birthday (the age of consent in Denmark) to be able to legally have sex. He is especially frustrated by the hunky man next door (Jos Gylling), so close and yet out of reach until Thomas turns 15. While “You Are Not Alone” and “Happy Birthday” both push the envelope on the issue of age of consent and childhood sexuality, it is important to note that neither film advocates sex between adults and pre-pubescent children, but rather they illuminate the fact that sexuality isn’t a magic light switch that suddenly flips on when a child reaches a legally designated age. Children are sexual beings from before birth, and the evolution of that sexuality from infancy to adulthood is a gradual fade-in rather than an instantaneous flash-cut. Beautifully done, Highly Recommended. (notes from Frameline LGBT festival 2013) 

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Jørgen Niclasen er far til drengen, som Steen Herdel omtaler. Han bekræfter, at optagelserne var 
en god oplevelse for hans søn. Filmen, drengen medvirkede i, hedder ’Happy Birthday’ og handler 
om en teenager, der spændt venter på sin 15-års fødselsdag, så han kan have sex med sin voksne nabo